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Healthy Lawn Tips

Here are a few tips to help your lawn be healthy and look amazing all season long. Help Green Again help your lawn by following these basic tips.

  1. Proper mowing height. This is the most important tip we can give you. When mowing, grass blades should be left at 2.5 inches in the spring and at least 3 inches in the hot summer months. Longer grass blades will protect your soil from nutrient loss and keep weeds out longer. This will also lessen the need for watering and will keep your grass greener in the hot summer months.

  2. Sharpen Blades. Keeping mower blades sharp also keeps the grass blades healthy and less susceptible to lawn diseases and stress.

  3. Manage mowing schedule.  Adjust mowing as the seasons change. Mowing often in the spring to keep up with new growth is good, just make sure not to cut too low.       When the hot and dry summer months arrive, raise the deck to the highest setting   and only mow when absolutely necessary. The least amount of stress put on the     grass in the hot summer months means a faster recovery time when the weather   cools down.

  4. Deep watering. When summer hits and the temperature rises, its time to start watering your lawn. Consider deep watering your lawn, which is watering for an extended period of time once or twice a week instead of every day. In the hot and dry times, about 2 inches every four days is recommended. Watering any time of the day is acceptable except for late evening. Grass needs time to dry before dark or fungus can thrive and damage your lawn. 

  5. Core Aeration. Through use, lawns become packed down from mowing, general use, and snow weight. When your lawn is compacted, the roots of the grass cannot grow as deep or collect the nutrients and water to keep the grass thriving. Core aeration pulls plugs which helps open up the soil so your lawn can get the nutrients it needs to thrive. Aeration should be done once per year depending on soil composition.

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