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Green Again Lawn & Landscape offers a variety of services to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful lawn. Here is a general list of the services we provide:

Weed & Feed

Green Again offers a three application program to keep your lawn healthy and weed free for the season.  In the spring, Green Again applies a liquid fertilizer to promote growth along with a broad-leaf herbicide to control spring dandelions and other spring weeds. In the summer, Green Again applies another application focused more towards high heat weeds that germinate and thrive in the hotter summer months.  The third and final application of the season promotes root growth and density with another round of liquid fertilizer and a broad-leaf herbicide to control the remaining late summer weeds. Free quotes are available for this service.

As of 2022, Green Again Lawn has started implementing a few new programs in addition to or basic 3 application Weed & Feed Program. We offer a 4 application Green program, wherein the 4th application is an application of pre-emergent to help combat grassy type weeds. 

Core Aeration

Available during the spring and fall, aeration is a key part of maintaining a healthy lawn and is recommended to be done once per year. Over time, lawns get packed down from use, which prohibits healthy root growth and proper water management. A core aeration solves this problem by pulling 1/2 inch diameter plugs from your lawn. This process breaks up the thatch layer and loosens soil compaction to help deliver nutrients directly to the roots which results in a healthier lawn. Free quotes are available for this service.

Bug Busters

Bug Busters is a separate application to keep bugs off your home, buildings, and out of your yards. Bug Busters drastically reduces spiders and spider webs, as well as repelling mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants and other creepy crawlers. It also helps with asian beetles. Green again generally starts applying this in the middle of June to help repel the most bugs. Applications last about 4 weeks depending on rainfall.

Total Kill

Total Kill is an application of non-selective broad-leaf herbicide. This product takes care of unwanted weeds and grass in places like sidewalks, driveways, and rock gardens. Total Kill also works great along fence lines to reduce the need for trimming and in keeping baseball diamonds weed free. Free quotes are available for this service.

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